2-1-14 Crossover (techno) Contra Dance with Erik Erhardt

This is going to be fun. Our first ever crossover contra dance. Erik has been doing these for a while now so we asked him to come to Tucson and show us how they do it in New Mexico.
What is Crossover (techno) contra?
A meticulously-choreographed continuous two-hour contra dance medley to custom-mixed electro swing and modern club music consisting of 51+ tunes and 25 dances (16 improper, 9 becket) will keep your feet moving and your heart pumping.  Some contra dance experience is strongly recommended (at least two evenings of dance).  An intermission will be provided to recharge and finish strong.
Here’s a link to one of Erik’s Crossover dances:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fjBkghaaUY
And some more background on Crossover:


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