2nd Annual All Souls Contradance



The Privy Tippers – Claire Zucker calling

Saturday Eve, October 31, 6:30 – 10:00

First United Methodist Church 915 4th Street (near Park Ave. )

donation $10, under 25yr. $5          visit Meetup or TFTM.ORG

Inspired by Dia de los Muertos and Tucson’s own All Soul’s Procession we are featuring our 2nd Annual All Souls Contradance. This will be a contradance just as any other, so if you just want to come and dance, great. However we would like to invite you to use this dance as an opportunity to celebrate the lives of your loved ones who have passed. You can participate in whatever way suits you; wear costume, pin a picture of a loved one on yourself, bring a photo or object to place on the altar.

We’ll provide an urn for your mementos, prayers, messages, and remembrances. These will be added to the Urn at the All Souls Procession where, at the Finale, the Urn is burned, and our collective hopes, prayers, love, grief, memories, tributes, and remembrances are consumed by the flames dissolving into the ether.

Many regard contradance as a joyful celebration of life. It lifts our spirits, vitalizes our bodies and nourishes our need for connection. On this evening we expand this celebration to include those who are gone but still with us.

Day of the Dead is one of the oldest of holiday celebrations dating back to Pre-Columbian times. It is a time when family and friends who have died are recognized as a vital and powerful part of life and the line between the dead and the living grows thinner. People gather in homes and in cemeteries with the souls of their beloved dead to feast and pray and appreciate the blessings of friends and family and community! We will gather on the dance floor and remember those who have gone before us.  Do it in your own way or so that everyone can see.

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