Here's a general checklist to help you pack for camp, which you can modify for your own needs:

• several changes of loose, comfy clothes for dancing; dress in layers to be prepared for both hot and cold
• everyone finds they need extra pairs of cushy socks!
• perhaps something special to wear for the Saturday night dance
• sweater/coat/raincoat - the weather can be quite variable in Oracle this time of year
• hiking boots and binoculars if going on nature walk
• clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing (no spike heels please, they hurt our dance floor)
• regular, sturdy shoes for walking around camp - you'll walk on a lot of gravel and dirt
• bedding (pillow, pillowcase,  sleeping bag or sheets & blankets, if in cabin; sleeping bag, pillow, pillowcase, air matress if camping)
• towels/washcloth/shower shoes
• toiletries, and something to carry them in (include moisturizing lotion, lip balm, sunscreen, and any medications you might need)
• sunglasses and extra glasses or contac lenses
• musical instruments !
• flash light, extra batteries and robe for that middle-of-the-night run to the restroom
• money if you want to purchase raffle tickets, t-shirts, CDs
• a copy of the online map and directions in case you get lost on the way
• if you have special dietary needs other than the omnivore and vegetarian diets we provide, then you'll need to bring your own food

If camping:

• tent (it's been forgotten before)
• groundcloth in case of rain


• pets
• alcohol
• We reserve the few electrical outlets in the camping area for those with electrical medical equipment.  If you're one of these folks, please let us know now, so we can make sure one will be available for you.   Otherwise, those camping out should plan to either leave the appliances behind, or to carry them up to the showerhouse and use them there.