Jim Kitch dance-writing workshop report

The workshop was held yesterday, and was very informative.  Us Tucson folks were all about half an hour late getting to Phoenix (Ahwatukee, actually), due to a massive traffic jam, but the workshop was thoughtfully delayed until our arrival.  It was meant to run 1-4pm, but instead we started at 1:30 and were still going at 5:30 when I had to leave!  So Jim was there for over 4.5 hours, instead of the 3 hours we were paying him for, which was nice.  He really seems to enjoy writing dances, and had good tips both for people who knew nothing about writing dances, and for those of us who have written a few ourselves.  By the end of the workshop, the 11 attendees had created a dance together, which Jim then called at the evening dance.  Here’s how it goes:

untitled, though ” Tetrakaidekaphobia” (fear of the number 14) or some other title relating to it being Saturday the 14th after Friday the 13th were suggested

beckett formation

A1: across the set, take R hand with neighbor (handshake grip), balance, turn R halfway to trade places (pulling arms in tight to make room)

along the side of the set, take R with partner, balance, turn R halfway, form wavey lines across the set with gents holding L hands in the middle

A2: balance these waves, gents allemande L halfway

neighbor swing

B1: R diagonal ladies’ chain (to a shadow)

lefthand star (with the couple across, not including parnter) once around

B2: partner balance and swing

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