Why was the March 18, 2017 dance cancelled?

 We were notified by the church late Saturday afternoon, just hours before our scheduled contradance, that they were having plumbing problems and the building was filled with sewer gas. They decided it was necessary to close the building until the problem is resolved.

We did our best to get the word out via our website, facebook, twitter, meetup, and email but at that late hour some folks weren’t going to get the message. My apologies to those that didn’t receive notice. May I suggest that you sign up for email notifications on our website TFTM.ORG or sign up for our MeetUp group Tucson Contra Dancers if you haven’t already.

It is a rare occurrence that we have to cancel. We’d like to be able to let you know and avoid the disappointment and inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Warren Deming   TFTM president


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